What Types of Electronic Cigarette Liquid Are There?


What is a liquid? For starters, know that e-liquid, e juice, and e liquid juice all refer to the exact same thing. These are all just different names for the identical product. Basically, these liquid itself is just the prepared liquid which is converted into vapor using an electronic cigarette device. It’s a new entrant into the market, which has quickly gained popularity among the smokers and non-smokers alike.

You might have noticed that many stores sell liquids and e liquid nicotine gum, and inhalers without any prescription. This is because the government has recently banned the sale of cigarettes containing nicotine. Now you can only buy liquids containing up to 5% nicotine if you want to stop smoking, so the manufactures have resorted to selling these over the counter.

E liquid comes in a variety of flavors and textures, which helps you determine which one would suit your tastes and preferences. Nicotine patches and gum do not provide you with the nicotine level and satisfaction that you may need and desire when you reach for your smokes. And since nicotine is highly addictive, chewing and patching can also give you nicotine poisoning very quickly and very dramatically, leaving you high and dry after only a few hours of usage.

Nicotine gums have gone over fairly well as a nicotine alternative. They still taste a bit like cigarette tobacco but give you more control over puffing and don’t lead to as much of a dependence as liquid nicotine and the liquids. If you prefer your nicotine flavored gum without the aftertaste or irritation then this is the type you will want to go with. Nicotine gums come in both sticky and liquid forms. And in either case, they are not for everyone.

If you are curious about the ingredients in your E liquid product, you should first find out what is in it. Are there any harmful chemicals or ingredients that you should be worried about? Probably. Look at the ingredients list and check to see if there are any chemical residues, artificial coloring, preservatives, starch, or sweeteners. Avoid those brands that use questionable ingredients, chemicals, and other artificial ingredients.

When looking into different brands of E liquid to try for quitting tobacco smoking, experiment with them to see how they are made. Most all contain menthol, a natural ingredient that eases nasal passages and brings on a cool sensation in the mouth. This has a calming effect and will probably help many people during their quit. If there are ingredients listed that you are concerned about you should look into those alternatives or at least request that the company include a list of ingredients with the e juice.

In addition to the different types of e-Cig products there are also many different names of liquids, flavors, and even types of E liquid. Take note that there are inhalation devices that use the same liquid and spray. Some people call it chocolate e liquid and some candy e liquid. You can also get invaluable versions of the liquid that you inhale. For instance, e liquid gum, e liquid breath, and e liquid patches are some of the different types that you can buy.

It’s important to know and understand the different types of e-liquids and their uses, so that you can make the best decision for yourself. When you smoke, you are taking in both nicotine and different types of toxins from the tobacco through the lungs. By replacing tobacco with something safe, you are doing your part to become healthier. Stop worrying about the labels on the bottle and instead focus on the quality of the liquid itself. While there are many different names of the liquids, there are only a few different types, ingredients, and effects when inhaled or ingested.

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